Monday, June 29, 2009

Bread + butter and water please…at 4am

I had my 3 year old nephew for a sleepover on the weekend. He never ceases to amaze me. He keeps me on my toes with all of his questions and commentary. At 4am on Sunday my nephew woke me to tell me he was hungry and wanted “bread and butter and water.” I gave him water but skipped the bread and butter since I figured he was dreaming and he went right back to sleep after a few sips of the water. That wasn’t the end of the night. He woke me a little while later to tell me his room was funny and that he could see a nose. Yes, a nose. He was pointing at the window. I checked the blinds and looked around for something that would cast a nose-shaped shadow but didn’t find anything. I moved on to round two of trying to get some sleep. It seemed to work this time, with no further interruptions.

The next morning my husband and I were checking on the sleeping nephew and my husband suggested breakfast at the Sunset grill. My nephew, fast asleep at this point, shouted out “No, I don’t want to take my sun scream off, leave my sun scream!” What goes on in that little head? He sure does keep me entertained.