Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Third trimester thrills!

I’m officially in my third trimester and could not be more excited. I feel like the due date is within reach. I cannot wait to meet my little Bump. The Bump has been getting bigger and I’m starting to feel some strong movements.

My nesting has kicked into full gear but it is manifesting itself in the form of cooking and baking instead of the urge to clean everything. The downside is that I usually bake things I like so I end up eating too much :). I do want to get organized and have made a long list of “projects” for my husband.

I am really looking forward to being away from my job. I’m taking a week or two off before the due date so I’m counting down to that to. I will miss my work friends but there are so many other things I will not miss, especially the over-used phrases. I will not miss hearing “Load their lips,” “I don’t want to micro-manage…but.” Just a small sampling of the pearls of wisdom I’m bombarded with. I definitely will not miss the “Velvet Tyrant” as I’ve dubbed my micromanager. Coating barbs and overbearing behaviour in fake niceness doesn’t fool me!

89 days until The Bump is due, 78 more days until I go on leave and 51 more work days for me! Woohoo!!!

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