Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Why are mommies so hard on other mommies?

Hello interweb!

I’ve been remiss in my blogging duties (again), but I have a good excuse! I’ve been busy raising my child, feeding, bathing, clothing, making baby food, taking care of my other child husband and not at all watching The Young and The Restless (what is up with Sharon? And Nick sleeping with Diane…ewww),  gossiping socialising with my sisters and being lazy hanging out at  my parents’ house.

So in my adventures in mommyhood so far, I've encountered judging. You know it, you’ve probably done it. I know I have.  I get it though, it’s human nature but what bugs me is the white lies or the omission. E.g. “my baby has been sleeping through the night from just a few weeks old,” and they give you that condescending look cause your kid fights the sleep. Really? I mean, there are cases where this does happen but they are not all that common.  

The Boy got a case of bronchiolitis a while ago and totally used it to play us. I’m a sucker and fell for his “I’m so sick and cute Mama, pick me up and cuddle and entertain me” act and as a result, screwed myself with the sleeping through the night deal. So we are back to sleep training. By “we,” I mean  I’ve forced my husband is taking the lead  on it (finally!) and does the whole, “go in and talk to him and let him know we haven’t abandoned him” deal. When I go in, The Boy gets too excited and wants to play and chat and doesn’t settle down to sleep. Anyway, back to my rant. Why do some mommies not tell you that they used sleep training? Why do they mislead you into thinking they have perfect angel babies who go to sleep on their own? Why, why, why? But guess what?  Your husband/life partner will sell you out the other husbands/life partners and word gets back to the mothership. Busted!

I know I’m guilty of  judging. The Boy has been good (knock on wood) so far and he’s very social so I’m going to make an effort to be less obnoxious about it. But mommies, we need to band together more. Don’t lie (intentionally or by omission) please! We need all the support we can get, especially if your husband/life partner is like your second child, and let’s face it, who doesn’t’ have one of those?...unless you do and then I say. “You’re lying!”