Monday, March 28, 2011

Joe Fresh in the hood!

Hi friends,

Joe Fresh opened their Heartland store last week. So excited! I went shopping on Thursday at the by invitation only grand opening event. I got this invite because I subscribe their twitter feed (@JoeFreshStyle)  and “like” their Facebook page. I went a little crazy because they were offering a 20% discount.

I really got into Joe Fresh when I was pregnant. Their basics are so comfortable and their prices are so reasonable.  Currently, I am not at the size I would like to be and I have a lot of work to do to get there. I just don’t feel comfortable spending a ton of money on clothes. My mat lave payment does not give me the option to have wild shopping sprees  either  so Joe Fresh is right up my alley. The clothing is just the right  mix of casual, preppy, conservative that I like.

I got some great pieces for me and The Boy and picked up a couple of polos (2 for $19, too good to pass up) for Baby Daddy. I would post links to what I got but the site seems to be a bit buggy right now.

I picked up an anchor print t-shirt ($12), which I know will be one of my favs, an orange t-shirt with a button peep hole on the shoulder ($8), a great pair of blue canvas sneakers ($16) that look like Keds and a classic trench ($59) for myself.  I did find a pic ofthe trench. Don’t you love it?!

The Boy will be cool and casual this summer with his message onesies ($4 each), striped blazer ($14) and reversible bucket hat ($6). It was a successful trip that didn’t break the bank too much.

I’m just happy that I was able to find some comfortable  clothes that fit me well.  My wardrobe is a bit limited right now and I’m kinda tired of wearing the same things.

If you're in the hood, definitely check it out. They are located on Matheson near the Winners, on the same block of stores as Bonnie Togs, Party Packagers etc. The store is very spacious so navigating a stroller should be easy (a requirement for me these days).  I also like the layout.  Women’s is front and centre, which is great if you don’t have a lot of time to shop. There are lots of waiting rooms.  Well lit and roomy but a little too warm.

There is a good selection of accessories and makeup too. I was looking for a tinted lip balm but didn’t find one. They have lots of lip gloss but alas no lip balms. I also could not find a powder blush, just cream blush. I will be stopping by often.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yummy, yummy in my tummy- O&B Canteen at the TIFF Bell Lightbox

Hi out there!

Baby Daddy and I took a trip into the big city the other night. It made us realize that we should explore Toronto some more, with and without The Boy. You know how us suburb people are sooooo out of touch and not cool or hip and completely disconnected (or so people who live “downtown” hint).

We walked by the TIFF Bell Lightbox and noticed O&BCanteen. We were both feeling a little snackish so we deceived to check it out. We loved it. It’s a great spot and there are lots of interesting things on the menu. We ended up ordering more than a little snack but still managed to clean our plates. The food was yummy and the service was great, even for after 9 p.m. on a Friday night. And it wasn’t super expensive, fairly reasonable for what we had. I don’t have any pics because I didn’t decide to blog about it until after we ravished everything. I’ll make sure I take lots that next time we are there.

Baby Daddy had the French onion soup, I had the prosciutto, provolone and basil sandwich. We shared the potted shrimp, and had the chocolate brownie and vanilla ice-cream for dessert. The French onion soup was really good. The broth was perfectly seasoned and there was just the right amount of croutons and  Gruyère on top.  The sandwich was a bit underwhelming though. Something was  off. It was a little dry. The cheese should have either been more melted or not at all. It was at that in between, slightly wilted stage. The potted shrimp was outstanding. Just the right amount of dill and crème fraiche. It was served with crostini, which they will replenish if you run out.  My favourite of the night was the brownie. I don’t like coffee at all, even in desserts. I could taste a hint of coffee but it did not bother me at all. I’m not sure if there is coffee in the brownie of my taste buds imaged them. I found the ice-cream a teeny tiny bit sweet but not too sweet to deter me from eating it.

Overall it was a fun adventure. Baby Daddy and I got to connect and have some “us” time and have a great meal at the same time. We are definitely going back. I highly recommend it, especially if you  want to grab a yummy lunch.  I don’t know how long it has been in operation but it was new to us out of touch bumpkins from the suburbs.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Invasion of the music snatchers

Hello out there!

My house has been taken over with kiddie music and YouTube videos. It started out innocently enough with the Rocabye Baby Lullaby Renditions of Coldplay edition. That was great because we are Coldplay fans but somewhere along the way we started playing more music made for kids and that slid into playing the YouTube videos. 

I know, I know, I let my baby watch videos (and TV, go ahead and judge). I stated using them as a way of distracting him while I clean up after his meals.  Usually if I put him down to play right after he eats, he spits up because he starts rolling around and moving like the little speed demons he is. So I started playing the videos while I cleaned up and then I would take him out to play. We are safe from vomit explosions at this point.

Our music collection isn’t totally kid friendly either. It’s a little too early to introduce The Boy to some of the things we listen to. I don’t want his first real words to be Kanye lyrics or worse yet, soca lyrics. Can you imagine The Boy singing “ah wotless, ah winning away?” It’s bad enough that my nephew used to sing “rum is meh lover.” 

Now, I realize how deeply entrenched we are in the kiddie music when I find myself humming all the songs and even singing them out loud. It’s like musicians who make music geared towards kids have some kind of secret earworm generator to brainwash kids (and their parents). My sister tells me that the kiddie music stays in your heard forever. Just my luck, I have enough useless celebrity trivia stored up in there, soon, I won’t have any brain space left for important stuff.

You know what, on second thought, it might be cute to have The Boy sing some soca. I’ll start brainwashing him now so that his Trini side overtakes his Chinese Filipino side…


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Is Mommy Brain a real thing? For me it is.

Hello WWW,

In the young and carefree (and ignorant) days of my youth, I would scoff every time I heard someone mention “pregnancy bran” or “, mommy brain.” I remember my arrogant eye rolls and sighs. Boy, am I learning my lesson now.

What was I going to do before I stopped to pose for this picture?
When I was pregnant my short term memory disappeared. I starting writing notes to myself and would forget where I put them. Then I started putting the notes on my phone and emailing myself. Often the note made sense when I wrote it but when I went back to it later, it did not. I started calling myself and leaving voicemails. I could not believe that my brain got fried that quickly.

Now that I have The Boy “pregnancy brain” has turned into “mommy brain.” I think a large part of that is due to exhaustion and lack of sleep. I don’t really rest when he rests. I know I should but I usually veg out in front the TV, computer or a book or more often catch up on chores. I still email myself and leave myself messages. I don’t want Baby Daddy to think I’m losing my mind. He already thinks I have some level of Trini craziness.

Moms, did you have “pregnancy brain?” “Do you have mommy brain” now?


Monday, March 21, 2011

Cyber sMother Stalker, that's me!

Hi friends!

I’m all about using technology where I can in my daily life. I have my grocery list on my phone. I use a digital calendar for the family and I keep my recipes on my pc, just to name a few things. Maybe I’m addicted.

The latest gadget to come into our lives, which is turning into my favourite, is an IP Camera that we have installed in our son’s room.  That thing rocks. I can check in on him on my pc or smartphone.  Previously, I would freak out at every little noise and fret over going into his room (where he would promptly wake up and cry when he saw me) or ignoring the noise and then sit up and worry all night that he hurt himself. Now, I just look at my computer screen or phone to see what he is up to, without waking him up if he’s asleep. I love it.

I also have the option to create multiple logins so his grandparents can check in on him too. I love that they can peak in on him when they miss him. I am waiting for the downside though. I am anticipating phone calls informing me that he looks uncomfortable/cold/restless/has too many toys/does not have enough toys/is not wearing enough clothes/ is wearing too many clothes…and the list can go on and on.

It allows me to rest a little easier at night. That is, if I can tear myself away from the screen and go to bed. He’s just such an angel when he sleeps :).


Judgyness…it’s ugly!

Hello internet friends!

I am a judgy beeyacth.  I am the first to admit it and I hold grudges too and have trouble letting go…for years.  So I guess it’s just karma when my judgyness came back to bite me in the a$$. It really does suck when someone makes a true snap decision about you without venturing to find out anything about you. What made my situation worse is that it was someone I knew. So stupid when the person acts all formal like in their judgement of you. It’s like they forgot that you know them and may have witnessed something crappy that they did or said.

A few months ago I initiated a conversation, with someone I knew for a few years,  on a particular subject matter. They replied with some concerns and some questions.  I understand that email conversations can be difficult but based on the language and the questions, I know this person had already made a judgment about me. I replied to their questions and then silence…no response, no feedback, nothing. Rude. Why the pretense with questions? Why not come right out and say “I think you’re an idiot and I’m not going to waste my time with you but I want to make you jump through hoops like a hamster to answer my questions and I’m not going to bother to read your answers anyway or reply to you.”  Why waste my time ? I guess my time is not valuable…steups.

These are times when you feel like high school was just the warm up for real life. I went to al all girls’ high school in Trinidad so I experienced my share of meangirlness. In those days though, the teachers sometimes were more mean than the actual mean schoolgirls. I still encounter the mean girls (and boys). It makes  you wonder what is going on with these ding dongs that make them act the way they do. You know the things they do…ganging up and teasing someone, organizing a lunch outing and “forgetting” to tell someone. Stupid little things like that.  Luckily, I’m in mat leave so I haven’t seen much of that type of childish behaviour by grown a$$ people recently.

Ok enough ranting. This was bugging me for a while (told you I have trouble letting go). I’m glad I got it off my chest. Next post will be more rainbowy and sunshiny.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Daylight Saving Time boo!

Hi interweb people,

I totally forgot that Daylight Saving Time began today. Man it snuck up on me and threw me off for the entire day. Baby Daddy and I went out to a friend’s birthday celebration last night. We had a good time but didn’t stay out too late. I ended up staying up to watch the end of SNL and then went to bed.  That lost hour of sleep is really giving me a beat down.

Prior to The Boy, I would have just stayed in bed but now we have to get up and make sure he’s taken care of. Luckily Baby Daddy stepped up and fed The Boy breakfast (after I woke him up and told him he had to). I went back to bed and when I woke up Baby Daddy was feeding The Boy his lunch. I slept right through breakfast and the morning nap…guess I was really tired.

Do you ever really get over being tired when you’re a Mom? Maybe when the kids leave the house I guess. Who knows? I’ll ask my Mom. I never thought I would turn to my Mom as much as I do now that I have my own child. I remember being the arrogant know-it-all, thinking my Mom was so out of touch. Pregnancy, labour and child rearing really do make you have a greater appreciation for your Mom. I still think she’s crazy sometimes but I think twice before I dismiss her advice.

Ok, enough rambly life lessony stuff...see Daylight Saving Time really is doing a number on me.

Until next time!