Monday, March 21, 2011

Cyber sMother Stalker, that's me!

Hi friends!

I’m all about using technology where I can in my daily life. I have my grocery list on my phone. I use a digital calendar for the family and I keep my recipes on my pc, just to name a few things. Maybe I’m addicted.

The latest gadget to come into our lives, which is turning into my favourite, is an IP Camera that we have installed in our son’s room.  That thing rocks. I can check in on him on my pc or smartphone.  Previously, I would freak out at every little noise and fret over going into his room (where he would promptly wake up and cry when he saw me) or ignoring the noise and then sit up and worry all night that he hurt himself. Now, I just look at my computer screen or phone to see what he is up to, without waking him up if he’s asleep. I love it.

I also have the option to create multiple logins so his grandparents can check in on him too. I love that they can peak in on him when they miss him. I am waiting for the downside though. I am anticipating phone calls informing me that he looks uncomfortable/cold/restless/has too many toys/does not have enough toys/is not wearing enough clothes/ is wearing too many clothes…and the list can go on and on.

It allows me to rest a little easier at night. That is, if I can tear myself away from the screen and go to bed. He’s just such an angel when he sleeps :).


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