Thursday, March 24, 2011

Invasion of the music snatchers

Hello out there!

My house has been taken over with kiddie music and YouTube videos. It started out innocently enough with the Rocabye Baby Lullaby Renditions of Coldplay edition. That was great because we are Coldplay fans but somewhere along the way we started playing more music made for kids and that slid into playing the YouTube videos. 

I know, I know, I let my baby watch videos (and TV, go ahead and judge). I stated using them as a way of distracting him while I clean up after his meals.  Usually if I put him down to play right after he eats, he spits up because he starts rolling around and moving like the little speed demons he is. So I started playing the videos while I cleaned up and then I would take him out to play. We are safe from vomit explosions at this point.

Our music collection isn’t totally kid friendly either. It’s a little too early to introduce The Boy to some of the things we listen to. I don’t want his first real words to be Kanye lyrics or worse yet, soca lyrics. Can you imagine The Boy singing “ah wotless, ah winning away?” It’s bad enough that my nephew used to sing “rum is meh lover.” 

Now, I realize how deeply entrenched we are in the kiddie music when I find myself humming all the songs and even singing them out loud. It’s like musicians who make music geared towards kids have some kind of secret earworm generator to brainwash kids (and their parents). My sister tells me that the kiddie music stays in your heard forever. Just my luck, I have enough useless celebrity trivia stored up in there, soon, I won’t have any brain space left for important stuff.

You know what, on second thought, it might be cute to have The Boy sing some soca. I’ll start brainwashing him now so that his Trini side overtakes his Chinese Filipino side…


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