Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Is Mommy Brain a real thing? For me it is.

Hello WWW,

In the young and carefree (and ignorant) days of my youth, I would scoff every time I heard someone mention “pregnancy bran” or “, mommy brain.” I remember my arrogant eye rolls and sighs. Boy, am I learning my lesson now.

What was I going to do before I stopped to pose for this picture?
When I was pregnant my short term memory disappeared. I starting writing notes to myself and would forget where I put them. Then I started putting the notes on my phone and emailing myself. Often the note made sense when I wrote it but when I went back to it later, it did not. I started calling myself and leaving voicemails. I could not believe that my brain got fried that quickly.

Now that I have The Boy “pregnancy brain” has turned into “mommy brain.” I think a large part of that is due to exhaustion and lack of sleep. I don’t really rest when he rests. I know I should but I usually veg out in front the TV, computer or a book or more often catch up on chores. I still email myself and leave myself messages. I don’t want Baby Daddy to think I’m losing my mind. He already thinks I have some level of Trini craziness.

Moms, did you have “pregnancy brain?” “Do you have mommy brain” now?


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