Monday, March 28, 2011

Joe Fresh in the hood!

Hi friends,

Joe Fresh opened their Heartland store last week. So excited! I went shopping on Thursday at the by invitation only grand opening event. I got this invite because I subscribe their twitter feed (@JoeFreshStyle)  and “like” their Facebook page. I went a little crazy because they were offering a 20% discount.

I really got into Joe Fresh when I was pregnant. Their basics are so comfortable and their prices are so reasonable.  Currently, I am not at the size I would like to be and I have a lot of work to do to get there. I just don’t feel comfortable spending a ton of money on clothes. My mat lave payment does not give me the option to have wild shopping sprees  either  so Joe Fresh is right up my alley. The clothing is just the right  mix of casual, preppy, conservative that I like.

I got some great pieces for me and The Boy and picked up a couple of polos (2 for $19, too good to pass up) for Baby Daddy. I would post links to what I got but the site seems to be a bit buggy right now.

I picked up an anchor print t-shirt ($12), which I know will be one of my favs, an orange t-shirt with a button peep hole on the shoulder ($8), a great pair of blue canvas sneakers ($16) that look like Keds and a classic trench ($59) for myself.  I did find a pic ofthe trench. Don’t you love it?!

The Boy will be cool and casual this summer with his message onesies ($4 each), striped blazer ($14) and reversible bucket hat ($6). It was a successful trip that didn’t break the bank too much.

I’m just happy that I was able to find some comfortable  clothes that fit me well.  My wardrobe is a bit limited right now and I’m kinda tired of wearing the same things.

If you're in the hood, definitely check it out. They are located on Matheson near the Winners, on the same block of stores as Bonnie Togs, Party Packagers etc. The store is very spacious so navigating a stroller should be easy (a requirement for me these days).  I also like the layout.  Women’s is front and centre, which is great if you don’t have a lot of time to shop. There are lots of waiting rooms.  Well lit and roomy but a little too warm.

There is a good selection of accessories and makeup too. I was looking for a tinted lip balm but didn’t find one. They have lots of lip gloss but alas no lip balms. I also could not find a powder blush, just cream blush. I will be stopping by often.


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