Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Buying a new PC: techie geek husband vs. semi-techie wife.

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In our house, as in many homes I assume, there are always little battles being fought.  They range from toilet paper placement (I believe in over, he believes in under) to whether we need a new pc. 

I’ve been using Old Faithful for a while now and I love him. Yes, my laptop is male. We have a very deep relationship.  He’s been there with me through my pregnancy and now he’s there with me to record all the fun of raising The Boy.
Old Faithful is starting to show his age. He’s slower to wake up and he has a hard time running multiple applications (similar to some men when they try to multi-task). He doesn’t hold his charge for long anymore and I’ve even seen the dreaded “blue screen of death” a few times.  I fear that it’s time to bring in a younger model.

My husband doesn’t need much encouragement when it comes to purchasing a new piece of technology. I usually have to talk him down. He has trouble differentiating between a “want” and a “need.” He gets that glazed over look and I can tell his mind is running away to techie dreamland. He gets so excited and giddy and starts speaking in tongues…bits, bytes, video card, motherboard, RAM…I fancy myself to be somewhat tech savvy. I can keep up to some degree with him but it quickly goes into befuddlement territory.

Needless to say, we have very different research and shop styles when it comes to purchasing new technology. I like to review my options online but touch and feel are crucial. I tend to look for specifics. Can I store and edit my videos and photos easily? Can I quickly upload files to my Flickr and YouTube accounts? Can I IM, check Facebook, tweet and watch videos at once without Mr. PC slowing down? Will it fit in the diaper bag or does it need its own luggage? Is it light? Will it withstand tiny fingers banging on the keyboard (the baby’s not mine)? Does it come in red? These are all important to me. I have enough stuff to carry around with the baby and his paraphernalia. The last thing I need is one more heavy item that I have to parent.  

I usually start with the website of major retailers and manufactures and check out their deals.  If you don’t have a website, you’ve lost my business. If you have a comparison tool, you’ve scored brownie points.  If you have to option to tell me whether and item is in stock, I’m practically sold on shopping at your establishment. When it comes to computers however, I must to go into the store and play with it. I need the physical element of holding the computer.  

My decision making tends to be very emotional. I envision myself sitting in backyard in the summer time, enjoying a cool breeze while I answer emails. My husband is all about the technology.  We usually come to a compromise. He gets the power he needs to play his games and I get what I want…a PC in a colour that goes great with my skin tone.


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