Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Documenting The Boy

Hi folks!

I’ve talked and talked about The Boy turning one and my inability to cope (where did the time go???). I am having a moment of nostalgia and decided to look through my photos and videos. Wow, I have documented the heck out of him. I can’t help it. he’s so cute, I want to share him with the world!

Looking at my photos from when he was first born to the most recent, I can definitely see an improvement. Photos are better composed and more in focus. I think I learned just by taking so many photos. I really should enrol in a class.

There are some things I learned by trial and error though that I’m not sure I would have learned if I did not have a child. I take way more shots of the same image than I used to. Babies are so squirmy that you often miss the shot of them doing something cute.  Having a camera with fast shutter speed is very helpful.

The other thing I do now that I did not before is getting down to The Boy’s level. This is especially crucial once he became mobile. I find myself shooting from the floor or lying on my back or tummy more so I am at his height. It really makes a difference in the shots. I can truly capture him in action.

I can’t believe how much he has grown in the past year. He has gone from our little 6 lb.,4 oz. stinker to our 20 lb. dictator and we love it! I know I’m not a perfect Mom (who wants to be? Perfection can be boring) but I am happy that I documented The Boy as much as I did and will continue to do. When my memory fails me and I’m an old lady, I can look back on comment on the cute baby in my photos.

Want some more awesome photography tips? My friends at the Intel Canada Facebook page have some great advice.

Brand new!

Attitude already. Aww Mom!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

In true control freak nature, I’m already worrying about something that may (or may not) happen.

Hi friends,

The Boy officially starts daycare next week. We have been transitioning this month so he could get familiar with the people and the environment. In our enrolment package, there was an info sheet on biting. Why kids bite, what to do if your child is bitten, what to do if your kid is the biter etc.

I already know which category The Boy falls into. He is definitely a biter. He bites when he is teething and when he is excited. I can tell the difference as I have received many a bitten finger, toe, knee, ankle, arm and whatever else he can reach at the time. His teething bites are more focused on scratching his gums. His excited bites are usually accompanied by excited squeals, slaps and body tensing and smiles.

I know how judgemental I can be. If a kid bits my child I know I will have a little bit of resentment to that kid. A very very very little bit of hurt and resentment, but it will still be present and I will forever be extra cautious around that child. But when it is my child doing the biting? Man, I’m expecting to feel shame and outright mortification. I have already experienced it. My niece likes to put her finger in The Boy’s mouth and of course he bites her.

Parenting is hard. I know I’m worrying about something that may not happen but I will not be surprised if the daycare tells me he bit someone. I apologise in advance to the parents of the maybe bitten child. He isn’t mean. He’s either teething or excited. He just does not know how to express himself yet.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Time really does fly when you’re having fun and other clichés

Hi friends,

The Boy turns one in 2 weeks (gasp!). All the clichés apply…it feels like yesterday that we brought him home, time just flew by, I blinked and he grew up…

It’s tough for this Mama to handle it. My baby is growing up. He is eating solids. He has teeth. He’s taking his first steps. It is amazing to watch and experience. I have been documenting as much of it as possible.

When I found out I was pregnant, I started researching cameras. Baby Daddy has a semi-professional setup at home. He has a fantastic DSLR, an array of lenses and flashes and  even a background for portraits. We did not have a good camcorder. I am so glad that we bit the bullet and got one. There are just some things you do not want to miss and must capture on video.

A good friend of mine is expecting her first child soon. I told her to get a camera and make sure it is charged up and ready to go. Once The Boy was born I felt like he changed every day. We take a lots of photos (almost every day) and videos of him and I still feel like I miss things.  If you are expecting, trust me, having a good camera and camcorder will help you capture your little one in action. It all happens so fast.

  You go from this

To this

To this

To this

To this

To this in no time!
How do you live your Visual Life? My friends at the Intel Canada Facebook page have some great advice to help you organise your Visual Life.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Who would mind being second fiddle to this face?

Hi interwebbers,

I took The Boy to visit my mother-in-law at work. He was a hit! My mother-in-law introduced everyone to her grandson and her daughter-in-law but I’m not kidding myself about who was the real star of the show. And I don’t mind at all. Who could?

Look at this face.


Pick a hand!


He is the centre of the universe. If by some small chance he does not have your undivided attention, he will let you know. He will get it.

Can’t believe he is turning 1 in a few weeks. Mama’s heart is breaking. Baby Boy is turning into a Little Man. Sob!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Not quite ready for TLC’s Extreme Couponing but maybe one day!

Hi friends,

I have a relatively new guilty pleasure, well new since The Boy was born, so almost a year now. I’m all about The Deals. You know, coupons and discounts from various deal-of-the-day websites, like Groupon and websaver.ca. Prior to The Boy, I was a little more frivolous with my money. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I was selfish and impulsive. I spent my money on shoes and makeup (unwisely, as evident by the multiple tubes of lipstick in the same shade from various brands). I’m not quite at the Extreme Couponing level but one can hope.

Going on maternity leave was an eye opener. I knew that I was going to be on a budget since the regular salary would be absent for at least a year but it was still a revelation. Did you know that some grocery stores have a bulletin board right by their front doors with coupons? I used to walk right past this. It was like it was invisible. Now, it’s my first stop before I go shopping. It’s hit or miss but I always get a little thrill when I find a coupon I can use.

The online coupons and deals bring a new dimension of savings. I definitely prefer the online coupons to hard copy. I find them easier to manage. I get the daily alert emails or notices on Facebook. It’s always exciting to open up an email to see what awaits. I subscribe to multiple sites so I started to get overwhelmed. Quite often I would forget to use a coupon or it would get lost in my inbox. I did not want to lose money by buying a deal and forgetting about it so in true “spreadsheet person” fashion (aka control freak), I came up with a system.  I created a folder in my inbox named “Coupons.” I file all the relevant coupons in this folder. Now I just have to make sure I use the coupons before they expire…maybe I will put reminders in my calendar! 

The Boy is turning 1 in a few weeks. I’m having a hard time dealing with it so I’m keeping myself busy by collecting every conceivable birthday coupon there is for him. 1st Birthday party store discount? Check. First haircut deal? Purchased. Break Mommy’s heart coupon cause baby is growing up coupon? I made that one myself.

My sister is a fellow couponer. She was the one who turned me on to paper coupons. I just need her to use ecoupons more. We often trade coupons. I keep mine in an accordion file, she keeps hers in an envelope. Maybe one day TLC will give us our own show. Extreme Sister Couponers anyone? I saw a promo for s show about balloons!!!  Anything is possible on TLC.

What’s your guilty PC pleasure? Check out the Intel CanadaFacebook page to see more PC related guilty pleasures.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Are little boys born with a Break $h*! Gene?

Hi everyone,

The Boy and I have started the process of transitioning him to daycare. We started with one hour a day a few days this week. I noticed something immediately. Little boys like to throw/break/smash, generally destroy things and make a mess. The little girls are not displaying the same inclinations.

The Boy and I have spent a lot of alone time together so I have not seen him fully in action with other little men (Baby Daddy doesn't count). His favourite thing to do is destroy towers that I build for him. He does this in a variety of ways. He either crawls headfirst into the tower, throws something at it, stretches out his legs to kick it or more recently, takes a few steps and pushes it over. I just assumed that he liked to break things but what I have seen at daycare indicates that it may be a boy thing.

Good to know that my son isn’t the only little boy with built in violence. Don’t know how I feel about him displaying aggressive tendencies though. I’m just glad that he’s active. He’s a mover and a little speed demon. The plus side is that he’s usually worn out at bedtime and goes to sleep without too much fussing because come bedtime Mama is a zombie.

Plotting his plan of attack.

Knock it over.


How do I know my PC is male? Easy, it can only do one thing at a time…I kid, I kid!

Hi friends,

I don’t mean to start off by male bashing but in my personal experience, the men in my life can only focus on one project at a time (and even that is challenge, see Phil Dunphy from Modern Family). This is why I think of my computer as a man.  He has started to let me down recently when I assign him multiple tasks.  He just can’t handle things.

The Boy keeps me busy and I’m quickly approaching the end of my mat leave so I try to squeeze in as much as I can during nap time. I need to be able to upload and edit pictures and videos, watch YouTube videos, tweet and keep on top of email and Facebook at the same time. Old Faithful just can’t keep up. It makes me sad and frustrated. I want to smack him.  

I’ve been researching new PCs and man there are a lot of options out there. The thing is need though, is dependability and speed.  No blue screens of death, no freezing, no waiting forever for my pictures to upload or videos to load. In other words, I do not need another time suck device.  Baby Daddy says I need to look and what it inside the PC vs. what it looks like on the outside (hard for a shallow person like me).

My friends at Intel Canada recommended taking a look at their new generation of processors on the Intel website. There is a great tool to help you select what is right for you. Based on my selections, it seems that a PC with the 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i5 Processor is what I need.  Now I just need to convince Baby Daddy (ha ha ha, I couldn’t’ keep a straight face as I wrote “convince.” He doesn’t need any encouragement) to get a new computer.

I think Old Faithful’s retirement is fast approaching. Depressing, I know, he’s been with me for so long but it’s time he took a load off. He can’t handle my needs anymore.

Need a new PC? Check out http://www.intel.com/consumer/products/processors/comparison.htm  before you buy.  For more recommendations, join the fun at the Intel Canada Facebook page.