Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Are little boys born with a Break $h*! Gene?

Hi everyone,

The Boy and I have started the process of transitioning him to daycare. We started with one hour a day a few days this week. I noticed something immediately. Little boys like to throw/break/smash, generally destroy things and make a mess. The little girls are not displaying the same inclinations.

The Boy and I have spent a lot of alone time together so I have not seen him fully in action with other little men (Baby Daddy doesn't count). His favourite thing to do is destroy towers that I build for him. He does this in a variety of ways. He either crawls headfirst into the tower, throws something at it, stretches out his legs to kick it or more recently, takes a few steps and pushes it over. I just assumed that he liked to break things but what I have seen at daycare indicates that it may be a boy thing.

Good to know that my son isn’t the only little boy with built in violence. Don’t know how I feel about him displaying aggressive tendencies though. I’m just glad that he’s active. He’s a mover and a little speed demon. The plus side is that he’s usually worn out at bedtime and goes to sleep without too much fussing because come bedtime Mama is a zombie.

Plotting his plan of attack.

Knock it over.


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