Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Documenting The Boy

Hi folks!

I’ve talked and talked about The Boy turning one and my inability to cope (where did the time go???). I am having a moment of nostalgia and decided to look through my photos and videos. Wow, I have documented the heck out of him. I can’t help it. he’s so cute, I want to share him with the world!

Looking at my photos from when he was first born to the most recent, I can definitely see an improvement. Photos are better composed and more in focus. I think I learned just by taking so many photos. I really should enrol in a class.

There are some things I learned by trial and error though that I’m not sure I would have learned if I did not have a child. I take way more shots of the same image than I used to. Babies are so squirmy that you often miss the shot of them doing something cute.  Having a camera with fast shutter speed is very helpful.

The other thing I do now that I did not before is getting down to The Boy’s level. This is especially crucial once he became mobile. I find myself shooting from the floor or lying on my back or tummy more so I am at his height. It really makes a difference in the shots. I can truly capture him in action.

I can’t believe how much he has grown in the past year. He has gone from our little 6 lb.,4 oz. stinker to our 20 lb. dictator and we love it! I know I’m not a perfect Mom (who wants to be? Perfection can be boring) but I am happy that I documented The Boy as much as I did and will continue to do. When my memory fails me and I’m an old lady, I can look back on comment on the cute baby in my photos.

Want some more awesome photography tips? My friends at the Intel Canada Facebook page have some great advice.

Brand new!

Attitude already. Aww Mom!


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