Thursday, May 26, 2011

In true control freak nature, I’m already worrying about something that may (or may not) happen.

Hi friends,

The Boy officially starts daycare next week. We have been transitioning this month so he could get familiar with the people and the environment. In our enrolment package, there was an info sheet on biting. Why kids bite, what to do if your child is bitten, what to do if your kid is the biter etc.

I already know which category The Boy falls into. He is definitely a biter. He bites when he is teething and when he is excited. I can tell the difference as I have received many a bitten finger, toe, knee, ankle, arm and whatever else he can reach at the time. His teething bites are more focused on scratching his gums. His excited bites are usually accompanied by excited squeals, slaps and body tensing and smiles.

I know how judgemental I can be. If a kid bits my child I know I will have a little bit of resentment to that kid. A very very very little bit of hurt and resentment, but it will still be present and I will forever be extra cautious around that child. But when it is my child doing the biting? Man, I’m expecting to feel shame and outright mortification. I have already experienced it. My niece likes to put her finger in The Boy’s mouth and of course he bites her.

Parenting is hard. I know I’m worrying about something that may not happen but I will not be surprised if the daycare tells me he bit someone. I apologise in advance to the parents of the maybe bitten child. He isn’t mean. He’s either teething or excited. He just does not know how to express himself yet.


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