Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Not quite ready for TLC’s Extreme Couponing but maybe one day!

Hi friends,

I have a relatively new guilty pleasure, well new since The Boy was born, so almost a year now. I’m all about The Deals. You know, coupons and discounts from various deal-of-the-day websites, like Groupon and Prior to The Boy, I was a little more frivolous with my money. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I was selfish and impulsive. I spent my money on shoes and makeup (unwisely, as evident by the multiple tubes of lipstick in the same shade from various brands). I’m not quite at the Extreme Couponing level but one can hope.

Going on maternity leave was an eye opener. I knew that I was going to be on a budget since the regular salary would be absent for at least a year but it was still a revelation. Did you know that some grocery stores have a bulletin board right by their front doors with coupons? I used to walk right past this. It was like it was invisible. Now, it’s my first stop before I go shopping. It’s hit or miss but I always get a little thrill when I find a coupon I can use.

The online coupons and deals bring a new dimension of savings. I definitely prefer the online coupons to hard copy. I find them easier to manage. I get the daily alert emails or notices on Facebook. It’s always exciting to open up an email to see what awaits. I subscribe to multiple sites so I started to get overwhelmed. Quite often I would forget to use a coupon or it would get lost in my inbox. I did not want to lose money by buying a deal and forgetting about it so in true “spreadsheet person” fashion (aka control freak), I came up with a system.  I created a folder in my inbox named “Coupons.” I file all the relevant coupons in this folder. Now I just have to make sure I use the coupons before they expire…maybe I will put reminders in my calendar! 

The Boy is turning 1 in a few weeks. I’m having a hard time dealing with it so I’m keeping myself busy by collecting every conceivable birthday coupon there is for him. 1st Birthday party store discount? Check. First haircut deal? Purchased. Break Mommy’s heart coupon cause baby is growing up coupon? I made that one myself.

My sister is a fellow couponer. She was the one who turned me on to paper coupons. I just need her to use ecoupons more. We often trade coupons. I keep mine in an accordion file, she keeps hers in an envelope. Maybe one day TLC will give us our own show. Extreme Sister Couponers anyone? I saw a promo for s show about balloons!!!  Anything is possible on TLC.

What’s your guilty PC pleasure? Check out the Intel CanadaFacebook page to see more PC related guilty pleasures.


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