Tuesday, May 3, 2011

When you can’t be there in person, a virtual hug will have to do

Hi everyone,

Sunday is Mother’s Day. You better get cracking on those presents for Mom! It’s not just Mother’s Day, it’s my first Mother’s Day. It’s my son’s first Mother’s Day. It’s my first Mother’s Day away from my mom (not counting when I was in Greece on my honeymoon). Wow, a lot of firsts and being away from mom on Mother’s Day. I feel teary already. (Do these hormonal reactions ever go away? Are they a permanent side effect from getting knocked up and having a baby?).

My mom is in Trinidad right now. As hard as it will be for me to be away from my mom and have The Boy miss his first Mother’s Day with his Nani (maternal grandmother), I know it will be worse for my mom. She is going to be away from all 3 grandbabies, 3 daughters, 3 sons-in-law and her husband…and she’s a crier. At least she has her 2 brothers and the extra hot weather to keep her company.

My mom is not at all tech savvy but her brothers are fairly computer literate. I’m going to enlist their help to deliver her Mother’s Day present via PC. I know she does not read my blog  so there’s no chance of her getting wind of this project (from my mom: “A blog is something on the computer right?”). She is making progress though, she’s using the “Magical” Jack to call us from Trinidad.

The Boy and I are working on our Mother’s Day project. We are building a video montage using Animoto. It’s a cool program that builds videos for you, using your photos. You can upload your own music or pick from their selections.  The Boy has the most important role in this project, he’s the star. I am the photo shoot director, photographer, scene stager, soundtrack selector, script writer, wardrobe department and video creator.

Over the next few days, I will be taking the photos and uploading to my Flickr site. Animoto pulls directly from Flickr (or PC or several other sites). The hardest part of the project will be selecting the music. I’m not sure if I should go with a Bollywood number, which my Mom will enjoy but the lyrics may not be appropriate for a mother. We don’t speak or understand Hindi anyway so not sure if it really matters. Or I could go with a Jim Reeves tune. She has often mentioned her love of his music but again i don’t think his lyrics are Mother’s Day appropriate. Maybe some classical music. I’ll come back to the music.

My favourite part of this project, other than dressing up The Boy in various outfits and making him pose with a “Happy Mother’s Day” sign, is that it is FREE. Well free, except for the nominal Animoto subscription free, which gives me unlimited videos. It’s so worth it and totally fits into my limited mat leave budget. Videos for everyone!

I’m sad that I’m missing my first Mother’s Day with my mom this year but I’m excited that we can send her a virtual hug with our photo-music video starring The Boy. Even though I know she may not read this I still want to say “Happy Mother’s Day Mom!”

Disclaimer: I’m not on the Animoto payroll. I just like their product. 

For more Mother’s Day inspiration, have a look at the Intel Canada Facebook Page.

Lucky, The Boy and Baby Daddy

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