Sunday, May 1, 2011

Who takes care of Mommy when Mommy is sick? NOBODY!

Hello everyone,

Don’t you wish there was a button you can push or someone you can call to come in and take over FULL TIME when you’re sick? My mom and mother-in-law have stepped in before but there are times when you need someone 100% of the time. The husband is useless. I can’t decipher how much of it is cluelessness or laziness.

When you have a baby and you’re sick, you can’t just take care of yourself. You still have to take care of the baby, no matter how awful you feel, even if your husband is “taking care” of the baby ( i.e. calls his mom to come over). Health Canada should provide a service, you call a toll free number and someone shows up to take care of you and crack the whip on the husband to take care of the baby and not destroy the house. I pay enough taxes, the government should hook a mother up.

I wish I could focus on getting myself better instead of using my strength to feed the baby or clean up festering dishes while the husband watches another episode of Wipeout or naps. He can sleep through a hurricane so efforts to wake him in my feeble sick voice are in vain. I also hate the “I’m so doing you a favour” attitude when he does do something. It’s enough to make me lose it and go all Trini on him.

So if there is a tax/government fairy out there, please work on the sick mom hot-line. If this was a part of any political party’s platform, you would have had my vote.


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  1. Oh wow that sucks, I'm lucky. I know I am, my hubby does anything and everything for me. No I don't take advantage lol but it's super helpful. A hotline like that would be amazing, I believe France has a program like's good for new moms as well. I feel for you though! I'm sick all time =S try to get better ^^ it's only a matter of time