Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Play date Graduation…from laying around to destroying the house

Hi everyone!

It’s that time of the year when you hear strains of Pomp and Circumstance…graduation time! I remember my graduation, all giddy with excitement about finishing university and the reality of paying my student debt had not hit me. The Boy just turned 1 so I’m kinda experiencing my own version of graduation as a parent. ..Graduating from play dates in my case.

If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to enjoy those play dates, where the babies just lay there, not moving (or screaming or climbing or biting or being bullies).  I sometimes miss those pre-moving around days where The Boy just lay on his play mat taking in his surroundings. I used to hover, poised with the camera, waiting for him to move or smile or spit up. Those peaceful play dates.

Play date or nap time?
Just hanging around

Now, man, trouble in full force! He does not sit still, which means that I do not sit still either. His play dates usually involve me running after him to prevent him from climbing onto something or someone, or give back a toy that he took away from another baby. I can no longer sit and wait for an opportunity to capture something on camera. If I want to take a photo, I have to snap snap snap and hope I got something good.

Escape artist

Kitchen reorganization project

The Boy has changed so much and I have had to adapt as well. I guess we both grew in the past year. I have had to learn how to capture a photo when it happens. I also had to learn when to give up on taking the “perfect” photo and enjoy the moment. Sometimes I was so obsessed capturing the cuteness that I was missing out on the fun. 

The aforementioned cuteness

We are so lucky to have so many options to document our children’s lives…DSLR cameras, camcorders, smartphones.  We are too often too busy taking the photo to be in the photo. I’m going to make more of an effort to have more photos like this one

Mommy gets to join in the fun with The Boy and his idol (Big Boy Cousin). Slides are awesome!

How are you capturing the moments with the graduates in your life? See how my friends are doing it at the Intel Canada Facebook page.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Are you pictures stuck in memory card purgatory?

Hi everyone!

Well The Boy turned 1 and I survived it. Big week, first birthday, first haircut, first taste of cake and ice cream. And I got it all on camera. Actually, pictures are still on the memory card, I have not downloaded them yet. I will get around to it in the next few days. His “fans” are already pressuring me to upload. This got me thinking about what people do with their photos.

What do you do with your pictures? Are they still on your camera’s memory card?  My sister is always borrowing memory cards because she fills up her own. Does this happen to you? Are your pictures stuck in memory card purgatory? I used to suffer from that syndrome but once I started over photographing The Boy, I started to run out of memory card space quickly, especially with high res photos.  I still do sometimes, but I eventually get around to storing my photos online.

I’m glad that Baby Daddy invested in a flickr account for us. It’s the best way for me to store, organise and share my photos with family and friends, especially those who live far away.  It links to my Facebook account to it is very very very easy to access. The Boy has a lot of fans around the world who want constant updates on his shenanigans.  I also have a YouTube account (free).  Sometimes, only a video will do.

Storing my pictures and videos online has changed the way I share them too. I now have virtual wallet photos. My phone has an option to link directly to my Facebook account. Instead of carrying around printed photos, I can access them online so I always have the most recent photos to show off. I think that’s pretty neat. Don’t you? My lingo may be out-dated but my photos aren’t!

Birthday Jam Session with some new birthday toys and his trusty yogurt container

Check out my buddies over at the Intel Canada Facebook page for tips on what to do with your photos. While you are there, enter the Visual Life contest or create your own personalised museum exhibit with The Museum of Me.

Wanna make dad REALLY happy this weekend? Share a favourite photo of your dad in the Intel "Visual Life" contest for a chance to win a new Second Generation Core i5 laptop. Click here to get started: http://www.facebook.com/IntelCanada?sk=app_176986002336052

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My dirty little secret…I don’t know how to use Photoshop!

Hi friends,

The Boy is officially 1 and he’s going to get his first haircut on the weekend. My baby is growing up and I have the photographs to prove it. I have had no formal training in photography or photo editing so many of my photos are not of the best quality but I’m willing to learn. I just need a teacher who is not married to me.

I often take photos that are perfect except for one little thing that should not be in the picture. An errant flip flop, part of a random stranger’s face, or a zit on Mommy’s chin. None of these belong in my photos! Being the control freak that I am, I cannot let these things go. I must remove them from my photos, which brings up the topic of my dirty little secret. I don’t know how to use Photoshop. I use Lightroom to convert my photos to jpegs and adjust the white balance (using the auto adjust feature) but that’s all I know how to do. Baby Daddy prefers to take over and do the editing for me instead of teaching me or tries to “teach” me but ends up frustrating me so I’ve never really learned how to use Photoshop.

I use a very basic, simplified, dummy proof photo editing software that is about 10 years old. I mainly use it to erase blemishes (from my face) or shrink things (my tummy or bum or arms or ears or whatever is looking particularly chubby in the picture).  I know I could do more with my photos if I knew how to edit them better. I just need a teacher. Anyone out there willing to take me under their wing? There are cupcakes in it for you.

My friends at the Intel Canada Facebook page have some great tips on how you can edit your Visual Life. Check them out here- https://www.facebook.com/IntelCanada


Happy Birthday Son!

At 9:19am on June 7th, 2010,our world changed forever for the better. Happy Birthday Son!


I have a little sugarplum
He’s so sweet
I have a little sugarplum
I’d love for you to meet

Noah is his name
He’s so sweet
He likes it when you play the game
Where you kiss his feet

My little sugarplum
He’s so cute
He’s my little sugarplum
That’s the truth


Monday, June 6, 2011

On the eve of The Boy’s first birthday…

Hi friends,

On this date, one year ago, I was in labour. I remember being totally blissed out from The Epidural (highly recommend it!). I was doing well managing the contracting and then a switch flipped. I could no longer focus on the breathing, I wanted to vomit and I wanted to slap the smartphone out of Baby Daddy’s hands. Naturally, he had an app for timing my contractions. When this happened, I knew I was ready for the epidural and once I got it, I was so calm. I went for wanting  to kick Baby Daddy in the throat to giggling with the nurse about the fact that got a mani pedi and shaved my legs leading up to the anticipated hospital confinement.

I was induced (twice) but I really think it was Trini food that got labour going. I stuffed my face and 20 minutes after my water broke. We were so excited! And we still are everyday to watch The Boy’s antics. One year went by so quickly. There are a few things I learned and experienced that I never anticipated:

  1. My tolerance for poop, pee and vomit went from zero to more than I ever thought I could deal with. Projectile vomited on? Check. Peed on? Check. Pooed on? Not me but check for Baby Daddy. Fingers crossed that we never experience poop in the bath. 
  2. There are some things that I don’t stress out as much as about prior to The Boy’s arrival. Like always having a clean and tidy house. I still stress about it (Baby Daddy will say obsess all the time) but sometimes I just ignore the clutter so I can spend more time with The Boy. 
  3. Laundry. There is always so much laundry… all the time. And Baby socks find even more hiding spots than regular socks.
  4. Breastfeeding. Wow, the pre-natal classes will never ever be able to help you fully prepare for that. I am glad I stuck with it for the year.
  5. The importance of family. I have never leaned on my family so much. They really are always there. And the joy I get from seeing them with The Boy? Makes me so happy.
  6. My feelings towards Baby Daddy. I have never experience such strong emotions for my husband. Both positive and negative. There are many times I wanted to smack him hard. Then there are the times when he beyond redeems himself. Like changing all the diapers for at least the first week. Making sure I ate and stayed hydrated. Taking The Boy out and letting me nap uninterrupted. I love watching him with The Boy. They make me melt. 
The men in my life

One year with The Boy has gone by too fast but I can’t wait to see what he gets up to next. I really am lucky.


Friday, June 3, 2011

Remembering the emotions of awaiting The Boy

Hi everyone,

This day last year, Baby Daddy and I went out for our last dinner as parents-to-be.  We were so excited and I was so huge. My feet were super swollen. I just could not wait to hold my baby. We were totally in the "soon to be parents" bubble. All giggly and excited and musing on whether the baby was boy or a girl as we did not want to find out the sex ahead of time (me really, Baby Daddy was happy to go along with what I wanted).

I was in the mood for fajitas so we went to Lone Star. We had our first real dinner together at Lone Star so it felt right to go there before we had our first baby. There was a large group of people there and two of the guys were trying to out-macho each other with the “eat the steak the size of half a cow” challenge.  The problem was that they were gagging, almost to the point of throwing up. Ugh! I still cringe when I think about it.

Imagine a 9 month pregnant woman, swollen feet, uncomfortable in every position, out for her last dinner at a restaurant before becoming a Mom. I was livid. I was ready to head over to the table and tell them to grow up but it would have taken me half hour to get out of my chair and waddle over. I did not want some random guy’s vomit to ruin my night. Luckily neither of them threw up. One gave in and the other finished his half a cow without barfing. My night was not ruined.

If I could go back in time and capture that feeling, I would, just so I could show The Boy how much we wanted to meet him. We were drunk on joy and exhilaration and it continues everyday with The Boy. He continues to surpass our dreams…vomit, poo, pee and all. We are very lucky folks!

Too excited for words
Loved wearing this t-shirt. As if the giant tummy wasn't enough of a tip off.