Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Are you pictures stuck in memory card purgatory?

Hi everyone!

Well The Boy turned 1 and I survived it. Big week, first birthday, first haircut, first taste of cake and ice cream. And I got it all on camera. Actually, pictures are still on the memory card, I have not downloaded them yet. I will get around to it in the next few days. His “fans” are already pressuring me to upload. This got me thinking about what people do with their photos.

What do you do with your pictures? Are they still on your camera’s memory card?  My sister is always borrowing memory cards because she fills up her own. Does this happen to you? Are your pictures stuck in memory card purgatory? I used to suffer from that syndrome but once I started over photographing The Boy, I started to run out of memory card space quickly, especially with high res photos.  I still do sometimes, but I eventually get around to storing my photos online.

I’m glad that Baby Daddy invested in a flickr account for us. It’s the best way for me to store, organise and share my photos with family and friends, especially those who live far away.  It links to my Facebook account to it is very very very easy to access. The Boy has a lot of fans around the world who want constant updates on his shenanigans.  I also have a YouTube account (free).  Sometimes, only a video will do.

Storing my pictures and videos online has changed the way I share them too. I now have virtual wallet photos. My phone has an option to link directly to my Facebook account. Instead of carrying around printed photos, I can access them online so I always have the most recent photos to show off. I think that’s pretty neat. Don’t you? My lingo may be out-dated but my photos aren’t!

Birthday Jam Session with some new birthday toys and his trusty yogurt container

Check out my buddies over at the Intel Canada Facebook page for tips on what to do with your photos. While you are there, enter the Visual Life contest or create your own personalised museum exhibit with The Museum of Me.

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