Monday, June 6, 2011

On the eve of The Boy’s first birthday…

Hi friends,

On this date, one year ago, I was in labour. I remember being totally blissed out from The Epidural (highly recommend it!). I was doing well managing the contracting and then a switch flipped. I could no longer focus on the breathing, I wanted to vomit and I wanted to slap the smartphone out of Baby Daddy’s hands. Naturally, he had an app for timing my contractions. When this happened, I knew I was ready for the epidural and once I got it, I was so calm. I went for wanting  to kick Baby Daddy in the throat to giggling with the nurse about the fact that got a mani pedi and shaved my legs leading up to the anticipated hospital confinement.

I was induced (twice) but I really think it was Trini food that got labour going. I stuffed my face and 20 minutes after my water broke. We were so excited! And we still are everyday to watch The Boy’s antics. One year went by so quickly. There are a few things I learned and experienced that I never anticipated:

  1. My tolerance for poop, pee and vomit went from zero to more than I ever thought I could deal with. Projectile vomited on? Check. Peed on? Check. Pooed on? Not me but check for Baby Daddy. Fingers crossed that we never experience poop in the bath. 
  2. There are some things that I don’t stress out as much as about prior to The Boy’s arrival. Like always having a clean and tidy house. I still stress about it (Baby Daddy will say obsess all the time) but sometimes I just ignore the clutter so I can spend more time with The Boy. 
  3. Laundry. There is always so much laundry… all the time. And Baby socks find even more hiding spots than regular socks.
  4. Breastfeeding. Wow, the pre-natal classes will never ever be able to help you fully prepare for that. I am glad I stuck with it for the year.
  5. The importance of family. I have never leaned on my family so much. They really are always there. And the joy I get from seeing them with The Boy? Makes me so happy.
  6. My feelings towards Baby Daddy. I have never experience such strong emotions for my husband. Both positive and negative. There are many times I wanted to smack him hard. Then there are the times when he beyond redeems himself. Like changing all the diapers for at least the first week. Making sure I ate and stayed hydrated. Taking The Boy out and letting me nap uninterrupted. I love watching him with The Boy. They make me melt. 
The men in my life

One year with The Boy has gone by too fast but I can’t wait to see what he gets up to next. I really am lucky.


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