Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Long weekend road trip…will we survive?

Hi friends,

The Boy, Baby Daddy and I are embarking on a road trip this weekend. We may be ambitious, driving 8-10 hours with a 1 year old. We are excited and are expecting fun times. Talk to me 1 hour into the trip and I will let you know if we still feel the same.

We are heading to the Garden State and will be staying with our cousin. The most exciting part of the trop however, will be spent in New York City. Specifically, the streets of New York City. No, we are not planning on panhandling. We plan on sampling the delicious food truck fare. Eat St. has become a favourite and it inspired us to venture out to the wilds of New York and New Jersey. What can I say? Food is the best motivator.

I’m hoping for a smooth trip but I’ve come to learn that you never know what can happen when you have a baby on board (the car that is, not my tummy). I’m trying to figure out how to pack efficiently without leaving any necessities behind. The good thing about driving is that we are not bound by airline luggage restrictions but we still have to consider trunk space. And…we may do a little shopping so have to leave space for whatever we buy.

I tried something radical for the July long weekend, where I did not lug a camera bag and several cameras around. I don’t think I can do that on this trip though. I want to capture The Boy’s excitement when he sees FAQ Schwarz for the first time. I can just imagine him running on the giant piano. I think I will be more excited than he will be.

My rules for this weekend are simple, have fun and try not to get too stressed. I wonder how well I will do without regular call phone coverage as I don’t want to get slammed with crazy roaming charges.  The conundrum I face is how to pack a bag (1 bag only) for our days of sightseeing, eating, walking and shopping with a baby. I think a backpack is the way to go as The Boy will be in a stroller or baby carrier. I need to fit baby gear and camera gear into one bag. The weight has to be reasonable too as we will be taking public transit and walking A LOT.

Are we being too optimistic? Will we survive? How would you do it? Check back with me to find out how we did.

Maybe we should let him drive...

See what my friends at the Intel Canada Facebook page are doing for the long weekend.


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