Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On cheating on Old Faithful…

Hi friends,

I have written before on my increasingly strained relationship with Old Faithful.  I’ve strayed recently and I do not feel guilty at all. My friends at Intel Canada loaned me a notebook with the 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i5 Processor and Intel Wireless Display (WiDi). I recently learned about WiDi. It lets you connect your PC wirelessly to a HDTV or monitor. Super cool. It gives you a whole new way to show off baby pictures. With the weather being so hot these days, I took full advantage of the opportunity to stay inside with the air conditioning to check out WiDi.

The notebook I had was a 13 inch Samsung Series 9 and let me say I was drooling when I saw it and was in love by the time I turned it on. It is so light and fast! It only made me realize just how out dated Old Faithful has become. My favourite feature by far was the WiDi. It was easy to setup (even for me. My brain sometimes stops processing tech acronyms and instructions when it comes to setting things up). I found a really great use for it…streaming videos of The Boy to our TV. I upload all his videos to a YouTube account so I just streamed from the PC to the TV using a D-Link router. The Boy was enthralled by videos of himself, guess he’s a little vain. At one point I put the PC on the counter top in the adjacent room and there was no interruption to the stream. This was more in an effort to keep cute, grubby little boy fingers away from the PC.

Right now, I show off pictures and videos on my tiny phone screen or my laptop but the ability to stream to a 55 inch HDTV is just another reason to add to the growing list of why Mama needs a new PC. Watching The Boy watch himself on TV also entertained me tremendously.  

Watching himself on TV
Hey! That's me up there!

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