Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So cool, we’re hot!

Hi friends,

Summer’s here in full force and I’m not complaining, I like the heat even though I feel like I am melting most days. There are a few things I do to try to keep The Boy and myself cool, especially if we’re heading out for the day. The first thing I do is check the forecast. I have desktop and phone apps from The Weather Network so it takes no time at all. Helps me decide between capris or shorts.

The other thing I do is ensure that I have enough entertainment devices for The Boy. These days, one of the toys he is into is a vtech laptop. It’s so strange to think that a “laptop” and “entertainment devices” are toys. In the not so recent past, I would have not even considered computers (even simple kiddie computers) as a must have for a one year old. The kids really are too cool for school.

A friend told me about the new hot toy, a vtech tablet for toddlers. I have to admit, it looks really cool. The Boy is a few years away from it though as the age group is 4+. I expect by the time he is 4, the technology in kids’ toys will probably involve some type of haptic feedback telekinesis hybrid.

It’s crazy to think about how fast technology advances and how quickly we Canadians embrace it. What is even crazier is how quickly and how young the embrace starts. My challenge is making sure we have balance with screen time and hands on play time. I fight that battle with myself and Baby Daddy as well. I guess we have to lead by example, put down the laptop/iPad/smartphone, slap on the sunscreen and head outdoors!

A new way to enjoy Dr. Seuss

How are you staying “cool” this summer? See how my friends at the Intel Canada Facebook page are doing it.


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