Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Some things I said today…

Hi friends,

I had one of those days. The not so good kind. I think The Boy woke up and decided today was going to be Mess With Mommy Day. At breakfast, he would not eat. Instead, he spat his cereal in my face. Nice. I persisted in trying to feed him and he kept spitting. As I started to clear the dishes, he pointed to the cereal bowl and started screaming, like I was taking his food away. After this drama, he decided to eat.

I was hoping to be productive today and clean the house. No such luck. I did manage to cook a delicious and fairly nutritious dinner so yay for me! I didn’t really accomplish much else though. I was too exhausted to do anything by the time Baby Daddy got home so the house is still filthy. Here’s a line-up some of the (non-swearing) things I have had to say today:

“Please stop spitting out your food.”

“Why did you spit cereal in my face? That was not nice.”

“Stop screaming.” Repeated this several times throughout the day.

“Do not bit my toe.”

“Stop biting my knee.”

“We do not chew on Mommy’s shoulder.”

“Why did you bite my cheek?”

“No climbing! Feet on the floor”

“Where are your pants?”

“Go back to sleep, nap time isn’t over.”

After picking up 3 pacifiers and his lovey from the floor, “go back to sleep, nap time isn’t over.”


“Stop screaming at Mommy, I will give you more yogurt.”

“Do not try to climb on the baby gates”

“Stop shaking the baby gate.”

“How did you figure out how to open the gate?”

“Stop chewing Elmo’s eyes.”

“Do I have to sing C is for Cookie and make singing motions with the Cookie Monster hand puppet again? Ok, I can’t resist the sad face so one more time for you.” I swear I had to sing that song 512 times today.

“Only one piece of orange in your mouth please.”

“Where the H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS did YOUR FATHER put the potholders again?”

Some things The Boy said to me:

“Bbb...” while pointing to a book. Translation: read that book to me again, please (I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt that he says please".

“Bbb...” while pointing to a balloon. Translation: give me that balloon please.

“Bbb...” while throwing a ball at my face. Translation: play ball with me please.

“Cah cah cah.” While pointing to my glass of water. Translation: I want that cup.

“Psst,” accompanied by food hurling out of his mouth and maniacal laughter. Translation: obey my every command and entertain me.

I really hope he is teething because if today is an indicator of things to come, I may go crazy. It wasn’t all bad. At one point he climbed onto my lap, hugged me, kissed me (with his mouth open and biting my lower lip) and then laid his head on my shoulder and said “Mama, mama, mama.” I think that means “I love you, Mom.”

Mommy-0, The Boy-1. He always wins.

When you are this cute, you always win


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