Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Tale of Two Bags...Diaper Bag vs. Camera Bag

Hi everyone!

What do you use as a camera bag? I have never found a camera bag that was both useful and pretty. It has always been black, ugly but functional. Once we had The Boy, I hated the camera bag even more. It became one more thing for me to schlep around but I always wanted to take pictures and video so I sucked it up and carried it around.  

The heavier The Boy got, the worse it became until I had an epiphany. Our cousin was visiting with her little boy and she had a massive diaper bag, it was made for twins. I went right out and bought one for myself.  It held everything, toys, clothes, diapers, snacks and I could put my DSLR into it. Yay for massive diaper bags!

So this brings me to my big questing (sorry, we have been watching a little too much Guess With Jess). Do you use both a diaper bag and a camera bag? Do you use a diaper bag that also holds your camera? Do you use a camera bag that also holds diapers? Sorry, one question turned into three, blame on being Trini.

My primary bag is the twin size diaper bag that has room for my camera. I use my cell phone camera as my video camera. There are cases when I bring a camera bag too but those occasions must be major milestones (first haircut, someone’s wedding, birthdays etc.).  Usually Baby Daddy is with us so he helps with the schlepping. Right now, I gladly give up my Sherpa duties, especially in 35 degree weather that feels like 47 degrees.

My friend Catherine does the opposite. She found a great camera bag that also holds diapers and other toddler paraphernalia. Check out her bag blog at What’s In YOUR Bag?

Now that The Boy is walking and in the toddler stage, I may have to make the switch. The diaper bag does tend to get a little out of control, especially after a busy weekend. Here’s a list of what is in my bag:

  1. Camera- not shown because I was using it to take the pictures 
  2. Diapers and wipes- including swimmers for impromptu splash pads or swimming and overnights in case we are delayed somewhere 
  3. Stinky bags for stinky diapers. You can find these cheap in $ stores. 
  4. Two sizes of Ziploc bags for dirty and wet clothes and toys 
  5. Hand sanitizer. 
  6. One complete outfit, including shoes- I either stick the shirt inside the pants or vice versa so pieces do not get separated. Extra shoes because The Boy likes to take off his shoes and fling them, often resulting in one she lost. 
  7. 2 sets of PJs. One short and one long. Have to be prepared for weather or air conditioning. 
  8. One red Adidas track suit in case the opportunity to have a Royal Tenenbaum style tennis match comes up (this is in a Ziploc bag for some reason, guess I really wanted to protect it). 
  9. Rice crackers and One Oscar The Grouch container with additional snacks. The Boy has figured out that pressing down the lid of the Snack Trap allows him to empty snacks all over the car so we no longer use that. 
  10. One Ziploc bag full of toys and books. 
  11. One Ziploc bag full of misc. medicines, creams, lotions and potions. 
  12. Small safety kit with nasal aspirator, nail clippers etc. 
  13. Big and several washcloths. 
  14. Blanket, pacifier and lovey for nap time.

I’m sure I’m missing some things. Here’s a peak into my diaper/camera bag.

After a crazy weekend, Unable to zip close

Contents laid out on a towel on my bed in case sand/dirt fall out. Also didn't want to be judged for my bedding choice but since you can still see the bed, judge away!

After shot. Repacked. Bag can now zip close and there is room for a camera.

How do you deal with your technology conundrums when you are going through a heat wave and have little ones underfoot? See what my friends have to say at the Intel Canada Facebook page.



  1. Funny thing is that we don't use the twin diaper bag anymore. It just got too heavy! Now, we're using this small bag to hold diapers, wipes, change pad, ointment, diaper cloth (to protect ourselves from the spraying), change of clothes, 2 bottles, anti-bac, and puffs. Anything else, I dump into my pump bag (which usually stays in the car) and a wipes refill stays in the trunk too. The camera bag stays home b/c I can't be bothered to lug that big thing around. Iphones are just so much more convenient. Don't ask me how they turn out though. Never had to blow up an Iphone photo. Here's to hoping they aren't too grainy!

  2. Hi Kris! I'm getting to the point where the bag is getting too heavy. I think I may switch to a backpack soon, especially for this long weekend as we're planning a road trip.