Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why not use it of you have it? How technology helps me keep my sanity.

Hi everyone,

Did you know that the PC turns 30 this week?  We’ve come a long way. For one, we can actually carry them around now. I think we have gotten a little spoilt too. I know I’ve come to rely on PCs and computer type devices a lot, maybe a little too much. The Boy may turn into an introvert who wants to live in our basement forever or a computer genius. I’m hoping for the latter.

We really are lucky to have so many devices at our fingertips. I use different devices in different situations, at home, the car, in public. At home, we have laptops (including a MacBook) and a couple of desktops.  The laptops are great because of their portability. Recently, we hooked one up to a TV in the family room. Unfortunately, I don’t have one with WiDi so I have to plug it into my Smart TV. This has been a lifesaver sometimes…those  times when I need a brain break or when I am doing mindless tasks like folding  9 load of laundry. I can stream videos or surf on a giant monitor. I love it. I also use it to stream National Film Boardmovies for The Boy. Go ahead and judge me for showing videos to my son, I’ve made peace with it.

On our recent road trip, the iPad proved its worth. I gladly admit that I use it more than I thought I would, despite all my protests when Baby Daddy bought it because he “needed” it. We had the foresight to load several Dr. Seuss books a while ago. If we are stuck in traffic or on a long trip, we can read to The Boy or use the auto run feature on the books. He loves them.  It also came in handy when I couldn’t find my ereader. I was able to pull up my ebook from my Kobo account (so addicted to the Game of Thrones books right now).

There are occasions though, when even the iPad is not portable enough. This is when I rely on my smartphone.  The easiest thing for me to do is pull up videos of The Boy and show them to him. He loves watching himself. As a fall back, we can always call “Da Da” for backup. Sometimes just babbling to Baby Daddy distracts The Boy enough to prevent a meltdown.

I’m so glad that we live in the times that we do. If I had to entertain my child with just my intelligence, he would be in for one boring time.

How are you commemorating the 30th anniversary of the PC? How has it changed your life? See what my friends at Intel Canada have to say at

Technology makes me happy!


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