Sunday, September 11, 2011

I survived week one of back to work but with tears, fears and cheers

Hi friends,

I did it. I survived my first official week back to work. Yes, it was a short work week but it still counts. The Boy is a trooper. He did so well.  We did not have to pick him up early, we did not get any emergency phone calls but there were some tears.
I cried when we dropped him and I headed off to work but I cried more when I picked him up. Tears of joy, I had missed him so much during the day. It was great to have someone deal with the diapers and the post-meal clean-ups but they also got the good stuff. I misses the cuddles, the smiles, the babbling and most of all hearing “Mom, Mama.” I miss the little stinker when I’m away from him.

It was tough juggling work and home though. Luckily, I did some planning and cooked a bunch of stuff on the weekend so dinnertime was not super stressful. I think The Boy gets too excited to eat properly. He’s distracted by toys and his friends so when we get home at the end of the day, he’s ready for a meal. He’s also riled up and ready to play with his toys so harnessing him into his high chair is challenging.  I have a laptop on the kitchen table and I had the inspired idea to create a playlist on the National Film Board website. I usually turn on one of his favourite movies and this distracts him enough for me to buckle him in and get his dinner ready. I know, I know…I’m using a screen to pacify my child but it’s either that or an hour of screaming and throwing things and no dinner. I would much prefer a little less stress at the end of the day.
I’m happy to go back to work. Some things really are like riding a bike. I missed the adult interaction. This is also a new job for me so I have the added anxiety of getting to know new people but it has been great so far. I don’t waste a minute with The Boy now and I feel less guilt about having a messy house because I prefer to play with him than clean. Giggling with him is a great stress reliever.

It is a tough job, being a working mom. I do have some indispensible tools though. Mainly my pc. I plan my meals, make and manage my family calendar and generally try to get organised with it. I use every available piece of technology I can get my hands on. After The Boy goes to bed, I still cyber stalk him with the Wi-Fi camera in his room. I’ve said it before and I still believe it, use it if you got it!
I don’t have to do the back to school routine yet but for me it was back to work. One day I will be joining those parents with their tears of joy and sadness at back to school time.

I even miss him rolling his eyes at me like this during the day. He makes up for it at bedtime.

How did you survive your first week back to school? See how my friends did at the Intel Canada Facebook Page. While you’re there, check out all the cool stuff happening on the Visibly Smart tour.


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