Sunday, October 23, 2011

What did we do before the interweb?

Hi everyone.

How did we stay connected before the internet? It feels like the age of snail mail was so far away when really, it isn’t. If it was not for the internet, I would have lost touch with so many people…and maybe not be in touch with people who find me on Facebook.  It works both ways.
I grew up and went to high school in Trinidad and like a lot of my high school friends, I moved “away.” “Away being Canada or the US and in some cases, Europe. If it was not for the interweb giving us an outlet for connectivity, we would all be way more out of touch. The world used to seem so big to me. Now, it does not always.

In the last few years especially, with the advent of Skype, video chat, FaceTime, YouTube, Flickr and Facebook, it has become effortless to share cuteness personified aka The Boy. I’m sure there are people who get annoyed with my posts, just like there are people who annoy me with their posts but the people that really matter love them. My son’s godmother lives in the UK and I know she appreciates my updates.   I often get messages from friends asking for pictures and videos. The Boy is in high demand.

With the busyness we create for ourselves with work and weekend chores it is not always easy to see friends who live close by either, I know I appreciate seeing their updates.  But, I find myself shying away from phone calls. I seem to prefer emails and Facebook messages. I can answer in my own time and give more thought to what I want to say. But is that a good thing? Sometimes the best conversations and laughter comes out of saying what popped into your head.

Connectivity has become ironic to me. We rely on the internet and modern technology to stay connected but because we feel so connected, I think we don’t make as much effort to physically connect with our friends. I feel like if we didn’t see everyone’s business on Facebook, we would make more of an effort to hang out with our friends. Is it just me?  I hope it’s not just me that feels this way…

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Giving Thanks

Hi friends,

Wow, the past week was insane for me. Baby Daddy was out of town all week, the baby was sick and work was crazy. But what happened on Wednesday, October 5th eclipsed the craziness. We lost a true artist in Steve Jobs. Despite all the politics and the Mac vs. PC wars, everyone had something inspiration to say about the impact Steve Jobs had on the world.  That’s the true measure of a life. I'm not religious but I did stop and say a little prayer for Steve and his family and then I started thinking about all the things I have.

Last week, I started tweeting something I was thankful for everyday leading up to Canadian Thanksgiving. Now that Thanksgiving is here, I’ve taken some time to reflect. I don’t mean to get all spiritual and hippy ish but I am thankful for all the things I have. My son, my husband, my family, where I live, the opportunities i have, the fact that I can work and drive and vote if I want to and so much more.

I am especially thankful to live in the age that I do. Sometimes, I wish I lived in a simpler time. I feel like I could be the happy housewife for a little while. But…I will not give up my PVR or my smartphone or my iPad or my PC. I rely on them too much. They have become an integral part of who I am. I totally believe in using tools designed to help, work smarter not harder right? There are so many everyday things that make my hectic life a little bit easier. Email, my digital family calendar, my ability to share pictures of The Boy with family and friends around the world with the simple click of my mouse.

This Thanksgiving, and everyday really, I am lucky. Steve Jobs changed the world with the gifts he gave to technology. I can only hope to influence my little world in a positive way. I know I already started with this little face…

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy 13th Birthday Google!

Hi friends,

So Google turned 13 this week. Wow, I feel old. It feels like Google was only 5. I remember my teen years and I would not want to re-live them. It wasn’t all bad but it wasn’t all peaches and cream either.  There was a lot of angst. This grand occasion got me reminiscing about what I was doing 13 years ago and then I started thinking about things I do now that I never thought I would do...

Thirteen years ago, I started university and Baby Daddy and I stated dating. Who knew that 13 years later we would be married, living in the suburbs with our wonderful son.  13 years ago I also got my first cell phone. It was a flip phone and very “in.” it also weighed about 32 lbs. How far we have come!

13 things from 13 years ago…

  1. Hardly anyone carried a laptop around and if they did, it was one that was super thick and super heavy.
  2. My car had a tape player and I used an adaptor to plug in my CD Walkman to play CDs.
  3. None of the popular kids had Apple computers.
  4. There was no Apple Store.
  5. If I wanted to record a show, I had to set my VCR.
  6. Friends was still on TV.
  7. I did my research in the library at school.
  8. There was no high definition TV.
  9. A 3D movie was something from the 50s.
  10. I read actual paper books.
  11. Digital cameras were still “newfangled” devices.
  12. No one knew what a hashtag was.
  13. I did not text or BBM or email from my cell phone.

I’m sure that lots more things that should be on that list but those are the things that come to mind. There are things I do today that I never thought I would. Holding a sleeping, teething baby in one arm and loading the washing machine comes to mind.
Technology has jumped so much too. I remember watching Star Trek (Voyager was my favourite) and they would always read books on these digital devices. 


  1. I take my ereader with me everywhere. I can even borrow books from the library and download instantly without leaving my house.  
  2. I can take videos on my phone and upload instantly to the internet.
  3. I can take photos and email them to my friends.
  4. My smartphone is now my organizer, I never carry a Filofax.  
  5. I can no longer use my laptop as a free weight.
  6. I never watch a TV show when it’s schedule, thanks to my PVR
  7. I barely venture outside the HD channels on my TV
  8. I can watch a 3D movie in the comfort of my home. I still have to wear kinda dorky glasses but I can do it!
  9. I tweet and Facebook and blog and hashtag.
  10. Everyone and their brother has a MacBook.
  11. The Apple store is like an exclusive club. All the cool kids hang out there.
  12. I would have to go hunting for a CD player. Even my son has an iPod in his room.
  13. I can watch movies on my laptop and even stream to a TV.

Technology has changed so much in 13 years, I can’t imagine where it will go next. I’m glad I was able to adapt and keep relatively up to date but I know one day my son will have to explain things to me. I’m going to be calling him (or beaming over to him) to get him to turn on my TV, I’m sure of it.

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