Sunday, October 23, 2011

What did we do before the interweb?

Hi everyone.

How did we stay connected before the internet? It feels like the age of snail mail was so far away when really, it isn’t. If it was not for the internet, I would have lost touch with so many people…and maybe not be in touch with people who find me on Facebook.  It works both ways.
I grew up and went to high school in Trinidad and like a lot of my high school friends, I moved “away.” “Away being Canada or the US and in some cases, Europe. If it was not for the interweb giving us an outlet for connectivity, we would all be way more out of touch. The world used to seem so big to me. Now, it does not always.

In the last few years especially, with the advent of Skype, video chat, FaceTime, YouTube, Flickr and Facebook, it has become effortless to share cuteness personified aka The Boy. I’m sure there are people who get annoyed with my posts, just like there are people who annoy me with their posts but the people that really matter love them. My son’s godmother lives in the UK and I know she appreciates my updates.   I often get messages from friends asking for pictures and videos. The Boy is in high demand.

With the busyness we create for ourselves with work and weekend chores it is not always easy to see friends who live close by either, I know I appreciate seeing their updates.  But, I find myself shying away from phone calls. I seem to prefer emails and Facebook messages. I can answer in my own time and give more thought to what I want to say. But is that a good thing? Sometimes the best conversations and laughter comes out of saying what popped into your head.

Connectivity has become ironic to me. We rely on the internet and modern technology to stay connected but because we feel so connected, I think we don’t make as much effort to physically connect with our friends. I feel like if we didn’t see everyone’s business on Facebook, we would make more of an effort to hang out with our friends. Is it just me?  I hope it’s not just me that feels this way…

Are you “connected?” See how my friends at Intel Canada stay or not satay connected at the Intel Canada Facebook Page.


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