Saturday, November 26, 2011

Adapting to change

Hi everyone,

The Boy is 17 months now. Life after having him has been a roller coaster but there are definitely more ups than downs. Before having The Boy, I had all these plans in place. Plans on how I was going to sleep train him, educate him, entertain him, photograph him…the list goes on and on. Much like my birth plan, most of my other plans either got tossed out the window or changed as we learned to be parents.  

I had the ambitious plan to take one photo a day of The Boy, for the first year of his life, using the DSLR for “high” quality pictures. It started off well but turned into a challenge sometimes. It’s hard to wrangle a big, heavy camera and a baby at the same time. I started to rely on the trusty smartphone to take some of my pictures. The quality was not as great as the DSLR but they were still very good. I had the added bonus of taking videos with my smartphone too. I must admit, I did miss a day or two (around the holidays) but I did manage to get my project done. Now I look at that album and can’t believe all of the change in one year.

The other thing I promised myself I would not do was depend on TV or PCs (screens) really to entertain my son. Of course, I had to change my way of thinking. Especially as he got older, I needed some help while I cleaned up from his increasing messy meal times. Short education videos help me out.  Now he happily watches videos on the PC or iPad for a few minutes while I decontaminate the kitchen. The bonus is that he’s learning the alphabet and counting (I’m hoping). Videos and games on my smartphone are super helpful for public meltdowns. A little distraction geos a long way.

The biggest things I’ve learned since becoming a parent is plan for you plans to change. Babies have a mind of their own and quite often, they refuse to cooperate. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way!
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