Saturday, November 19, 2011

Having a baby gives you a new option for gift giving…especially for the grandparents

Hi everyone,

I knew things were going to change when I had The Boy but there were some really unexpected changes.  The minutes I had him the centre of my universe shifted to him. My extreme appreciation for my Mom was not something I expected. I felt guilty for all the times I was a brat, now that I understood what she went through with pregnancy and labour (drugs for me, not for her, thanks Mommy!).

The other thing I did not expect was people’s reactions to the new baby. My husband’s transition into fatherhood was amazing to watch. I still love it. He was the one who shouted “it’s a boy!” even before the doctor. I loved watching my family and friends meet The Boy for the first time.  I love watching people falling in love with him

Last year, The Boy’s first Christmas. We stumbled across a great idea for presents for the grandparents at Indigo. We are not lacking food and shelter. Everyone has so much stuff and we really don’t need anything (except winning lotto numbers and a maid service).  The grandparents however, could not get enough time with The Boy and could not get enough of his pictures.  We did a couple of things. We took photos of The Boy, in our home, using our DSLR, I wrote a little diddy and we made our own Christmas card. It was a big hit, a lot of people still have it on their fridges. It’s a little cheesy, I know, showing off your kid but he’s so cute! For the grandparents, we made “brag books” and Indigo.  The Boy happened to be 6 months last December and the brag books we found had six spots for photos. We took one photo from each month since his birth and made our Christmas presents for his grandparents. They were not expensive either (between $12-$16) and they are still the favourite. We are even  asked for updated books.

If you are on a budget and want to cut down on spending and really buying crap no one really ones, I suggest photos for the grandparents. Check out what Indigo is doing this year (they are not paying me, I just really like their stuff) - They have cool gifts for everyone really. This year, I plan on expanding on the photo thing and offering up sleepovers, a win for Baby Daddy and me and the grandparents.

How are you tackling the holidays? Check out what the Intel Canada folks are doing.

Who wouldn't want to see this face everyday?
All the grandparents ever want (kiddies only, not the floating arms)

These little sweet feet are the best presents ever!


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