Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oh, the things I can do!

Hi Everyone,

Like most people out there, I want an iPhone. It’s the commercials that get me. Play to my emotions and I’m yours. I, unfortunately, do not have n iPhone, I do have a smartphone. The phone I have won out because it was free with my contract. I was on mat leave at the time so a limited mat leave budget meant that free won out. My phone is no iPhone but it’s still pretty cool.

I take for granted the things I can do on my phone. I think it may more powerful that my first computer. The main things I reply on though (aside from making and actual phone call) are my apps. Who know that smartphone apps would be so prevalent today? I wish I had a crystal ball (and the skills), I would have made my own apps. Celebrity marriage destruction counter? I would have rocked that.

I use apps before I even get out of bed. Am I addicted? Maybe. I have a Wi-Fi camera in The Boy’s room and an app on my phone that allows me to access that camera. The first thing I do and the last thing I do at night is look in on him on my phone. I can even check in on him if I’m out and he’s home with Baby Daddy. It is awesome. I love being a stalker Mom. He’s just so cute that I can’t help it.

Besides my Facebook and twitter apps, I think I use the weather app most frequently. You always need to be prepared right? Especially with a squirmy toddler, it always helps to know how much wrangling I have to do to get him into his layers of clothes.

I think I may have gone a little overboard with my apps. I have apps fun apps (games, Shazam etc.), apps for “productivity and organization” (flight tracker, banking, etc.), apps for daily life (Google maps, compass, knowing how to treat a fever, Groupon, movies) and social networking apps because I need to stay in touch always.  There are a lot that I install and never use, thinking that I would. I have to do a clear out one day but for now I like to be prepared.

It’s no iPhone but until it dies and I can get a free iPhone mu apps laden smartphone will have to do. After all, I can do so much more today that I could a few short years ago.

What cool things can you do? See what my friends at Intel Canada are up to at

Without a smartphone, i would not have been able to capture the awesomeness in this pic and share via several social networking sites at once.


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