Tuesday, November 15, 2011

People suck.

Hi guys,

People are stupid. I know, I know, not all people are stupid. I tend to make generalizations when I’m felling especially crumudgeony.  I spent most of the past year in the baby bubble so I forgot how grumpy, mean, judgy, finger pointy and nasty grownups can be.  Some people just don’t get the whole flies and honey concept. Do mean people derive pleasure from dumping on other people? I think the fake nice people are even worse than the outright mean people, they lull you into thinking they are nice and then bam! Nastiness.

The other thing that bugs me is those people that always have to be right. Those people also waste no time in making you feel like an idiot for not know something (give the new girl a break for Pete’s sake). Instead of being lovely and helpful, they ask you questions they know you do not have the answer to make themselves feel superior. Morons…

I’m just grumpy because I miss The Boy when I’m at work. I do have pleasant interactions with adults but it’s the unpleasant incidents that can sour an entire day or week. Enough venting, I’m going to eat some Nutella with a spoon straight out of the jar and then kiss my sleeping boy. He never makes me feel like a dummy (yet).

Ok, sometimes he looks at me like I'm a dummy but he makes up for it in cuteness


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