Saturday, December 17, 2011

Crazy or not, you gotta respect the traditions.

Hi friends,

Just a few more sleeps until Christmas. The excitement is building. I’ve gone through peaks and valleys over the years, in my excitement for Christmas. As a child, nothing could hold back the excitement. I remember waking up early and running out to see what Santa had brought. As I got older and became teenager, the excitement was not as much. I preferred to sleep in, as much as my younger sisters would let me. Then they entered their teens and the wake up times got later and later…proportional to the growth of surliness in our household.

Eventually, we grew up (kinda) and grew less surly (mostly), got married and moved out. We always have Christmas Eve dinner at my parents’ and we kept the tradition of opening presents at their house on Christmas morning.  This means a late night and an early morning. Not always ideal when you want to sleep in. one of us was always late (not me). We started giving false times for present opening but someone was still late. One year my sister (Baby Auntie? BAuntie? We’ll work on that one) suggested that we open one present each on Christmas Eve. My Dad lost it. I think he was more upset that we were all grown up but I understand now, he wants to hold on to our traditions. I don’t blame him. I want to hold onto them too and create my own for The Boy.

This year, we are still doing Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas morning present opening but it’s more a late morning present opening. Last Christmas, we had 2 new babies, The Boy and my niece. We agreed to open presents at our own homes with our babies and then go to my parents’ house.  That way we get the excitement of Santa in our homes and at my parents' home. Wins for everyone.

As much as things change and technology speeds by, I like that some things stay the same.  I love that I can watch videos with The Boy and share his pictures and antics via the internet with friends and family around the world. I love that Christmas morning is a blending of old and new traditions and phone calls to family in Trinidad are sometimes replaced with Skype conversations but at the core the feeling is the same. I cannot wait for The Boy’s second Christmas! The possibilities for excitement are endless…

What's better than this on Christmas morning?
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