Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nostalgia and Magic in the air

Hello lovely friends,

Today is December 1st. I get giddy at this time of year. Something about the holidays makes me a little Christmas crazy. It got worse once we had The Boy. I got even giddier than normal for his first Christmas. This year is going to be even worse (or better in my opinion) in the degree of Christmas craziness. I think having The Boy turned me into a kid again for the holidays. I’m so excited for his 2nd Christmas.

Tonight I attended an alumni event for a company I used to work for a few years ago. It made me feel very nostalgic. Do not get me wrong, I love where I am now but I fondly remembered those days. It was great to catch up past coworkers and reminisce about working together and laugh at the shenanigans we used to get up to. I was a little nervous and hesitant (and lazy) to go to the event, especially since I’m still getting over a wicked stomach flu. I’m glad I sucked it up and went though. So much had changed and so much has stayed the same.

I did miss my boys though. One is on a business trip but he will be home soon. The other was up way past his bedtime when I got home. I could not resist going in to see him for hugs and snuggles. It probably disrupted him but we both loved it, selfishly me more than him. I had to kiss that little face and hold him while I sang the goodnight song I made up for him. He’s sleeping soundly now and I’m cyber stalking him on the webcam.

I’m so giddy right now and I did not consume one drop of alcohol. I better get off the internet or I’ll start signing about rainbows and unicorns.  Happy Christmas Magic everyone!

The Boy last Christmas

Cannot wait for the cuteness to come this year!


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