Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Coming out of hiding.

Hi friends!

It’s a really long time since I posted. I have a great excuse though.

This- as big as a whale.

Julia Rose. Born on December 27th, 2012.

To be perfectly honest, I was struggling. Struggling with going back to work full time and struggling with being pregnant and parenting a toddler.  Some people can use writing or other creative pursuits as an outlet for stress. Not me, I shut down. I lose all inspiration and the ability to string 2 words together. I could not even find the energy to bake treats, one of my favourite things to do. I did however, have the energy to eat treats.

Today, my little girl is 2 months old and I feel inspired once again to put my thoughts to paper or cyberspace in this instance. Bring a mom of 2 is tough and as clich├ęd as that is, it is true. It is also amazing. What I was not prepared for was how much I would enjoy watching my son and husband interact with my daughter.  It makes up for when I’m going batsh*t crazy from being locked inside on a snow day with 2 kids under 3.

To mark my return to more frequent posts (fingers crossed), I wanted to share a little snow day craft project that I did. I’m not especially crafty but I want to be, mainly because I love playing with a hot glue gun. I did not realise how many accessories girls accumulate. You think I would have wised up to this, being female and all and also being a little bit of a hoarder. Anyway, Julia’s accessories needed to be organised since they were all over the house. After looking at Pinterest and Google images, I decided to make something myself using leftover craft stuff I had. Here is it.

The before
Ready to glue
Added some ribbon
Used some leftover felt to embellish the lid

Headbands organized

In can storage

I also had some Velcro strips with tape on one side so I stuck it in her closet and clipped the barrettes to it. I think it’s pretty smart for someone who is not getting a solid 8 hours of sleep. Also easy to pick out barrettes to match an outfit if they are stored in the closet. 

Check back with me to keep me sane. Next week we move Noah down to 3 days at daycare instead of 5. I know, I’m asking for trouble but being on maternity leave, with a severely limited income and an extremely expensive daycare is not working out to well for the wallet, especially if I have to buy tights, headbands, barrettes  and matching shoes for each of Julia’s outfits.