Thursday, January 23, 2014

I Belieb...

Hi friends,
I have been totally slacking on posting but it took Bieber to get me back (unfortunately). I have never been a fan and quite frankly the little punk annoys me. I know I’m showing my age with that last statement but he inspired me to rant. I feel like I can predict exactly what is going to happen based on all of his shenanigans to date. I really believe he has been allowed to run wild and grow a man sized ego for his boy sized maturity because he is a paycheck. A lot of people make a lot of money off him. However, this does not or should not account for his overblown sense of entitlement. I feel like he has been allowed to become out of control because his story will be more interesting and it will allow his team to manufacture a more compelling story than “overgrown child who had peaked at 19.” I am sure the Justin “cover his ass” team is working nonstop to spin the next chapter. Here is how I think it will all go down:
  1. Justin goes to rehab- exhaustion, alcohol abuse etc.
  2. Justin flies under the radar for an appropriate period of time. 6 weeks?
  3. Justin is apologetic, remorseful even. At least in public.
  4. Justin has renewed his belief in god. He may even get a few new religious tattoos, be spotted leaving church with his mom, grandparents, dad, siblings…
  5. Justin does an interview with Oprah or some other news outlet. He discusses how he lost his way, started hanging out with the wrong crowd, was negatively influenced etc. He still mentions all that he has accomplished at his young age and how he worked so hard and was misguided on how to blow off steam and relax. He also conveniently plugs his next project.
  6. Justin debuts new album and accompanying documentary. The album will have a more mature sound and his songs will talk about his past struggles and how he overcame them blah, blah, blah.
  7. The Believers eat it up. Justin goes on tour and becomes bigger than ever.
I really hope that I am wrong and this it all goes down differently but I am too cynical. He should take a few years off and grow up, out of the spotlight. I don’t think his team will allow him to go down the Lindsay Lohan highway but he is certainly taking some of her side roads.