Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Food Warden aka Mommy aka Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom…

Hi friends,

At this exact moment in my life, I feel like The Food Warden. My days seem to centre around other people’s food requirements. I shop for food, I prepare food, I try to get my offspring to ingest an acceptable amount of food, I clean a ridiculous amount of food from the floor, furniture, myself, them, then I have to deal with the after effect (diaper changes and potty breaks) and I have to start the cycle all over again. I understand of Sisyphus felt. The ironic thing is that I often forget about feeding myself. Most days, I do not get to sit down until the baby’s nap time and that’s when I need to take care of work stuff and other household chores. At that point I usually realize that I have not eaten. I have good intentions, I either make myself something and forget about it or assemble the ingredients but get distracted.

I have forgotten what it is like to consume an entire meal without being interrupted and while that meal is still at the right temperature. Someone ALWAYS needs something. Even if I end up eating dinner after the kids go to bed, I am usually rushing because something always needs my attention. I am so looking forward to the day when both kids can feed themselves. Please tell me that day will come! Until then, I will eat when I can. You would think from the amount of meals I miss that I would be size 0. Alas, that is not the case.

I'm done, now what?

This is where I put food for throwing at Mom. 

I ate some things but not the same things I ate yesterday, Tomorrow I will mix it up by refusing to eat something I said I loved today.