Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Opting out/leaning back from overscheduling the kids.

Hi friends,

This morning I read a blog post on banishing the playdate from DadNCharge. He wrote about how parents tend to overdo things. I agree and I am guilty of this as well. This summer, I am taking a different approach to my kids’ activities, especially since I am home fulltime with the two of them. Noah starts fulltime JK in September and I really wanted him to just be a schedule free kid this summer. I had to step back and opt out of some activities because I realised we have been overscheduling him a little. He was getting aggravated and tired and didn’t want to go to activities and we were always rushing to get to an activity on time. I was constantly having to plan, schedule, rush and arrange childcare or someone to help when Baby Daddy had to travel for work. Not pleasant at all.

Despite my efforts to have a free range summer, we still have Noah enrolled in a half hour tennis class that he takes with his Dad on Saturday mornings. This is mostly as a result of the tennis brainwashing that comes from my husband (and family).  The baby doesn’t have anything going on. She busy growing.

I don’t know how many chances I will have to spend summer days with my kids and I want to suck out every moment of enjoyment that I can. I am keeping to bedtime and mealtime schedules (mostly) but we are having a lot of days where were have no plans and just go with the flow. We have fallen into a pseudo routine. We have breakfast, they play, I try to work, they have lunch, I clean up, baby has a nap and Noah gets screen time, I try to work, the baby wakes up, we have snack time outside, we play in the backyard/go to the splash pad, then it is dinnertime, bath and bed. Of course there are still meltdowns and refusals to eat (by the 4year old) but for the most part, we are enjoying ourselves.

I’m sad to say but I can already see the end of the summer. The Boy will start school and I will probably need to find a more steady income so we are not relying 100% on Baby Daddy’s salary. In the meantime, I’m going to avoid anything that will harsh out my summer and squeeze my babies as much as possible.

PJ day/wreck the house in record time day.


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