Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Working on finding balance.

Hi friends!

I’m still on my CrossFit high. I usually do the 6am class but Baby Daddy is travelling so I have to do the evening classes. Scheduling childcare so I ca workout when he is travelling is a fulltime job. I had to make a spreadsheet. I’m giving myself some props though, in the past I would have just missed the classes and vegged out when the kids when to bed. I don’t want to give in to 100% laziness. I don’t want to go back to feeling crappy and I pay so much for my membership so I don’t want to miss classes.

Today I took the kids to a picnic in the park. They were more interested in playing than eating, it was good to chat with some of my mom friends. Baby Daddy has not even been gone 24 hours and we miss him madly. Noah was playing a game and stopped playing because he wanted to finish it when his Dad got home. The look on his face broke my heart when I reminded him that Daddy wasn’t going to be home tonight. Poor monkey. Julia got so excited when we face timed with Baby Daddy. She kept saying “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,” over and over. The way these kids love their Dad makes me giddy.

I’m going through my new Paleo cookbook to meal plan for next week. If I don’t plan out the meals, I make poor choices. I get so hungry after my workouts, I don’t want to eat crap because I’m delusional from hunger. I think I’m going to prep some slow cooker meals. I love my slow cooker. It’s a lifesaver. I’m getting hungry again now.

I have to do a run tomorrow. I’m on week 6 of my training program. Yesterday I ran 2 10 minute stretches. 6 weeks ago, I wanted to die after running 1 minute. 5k is the goal (without dying). Ok, I’m going to sign off now. I’ve blabbed on enough and my legs are aching from today’s workout.

My monkeys at the park.




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